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Mexico City, Mexico

Currently in: Chicago, IL, USA



Translating & Subtitling

Translating & Subtitling
  • Michel Modenessi, A. “De orígenes y originalidades:La traducción de Shakespeare en español hoy día.” (Diaz Barriga Lopez, A., Trans.). Universidad Iberoamericana. (Publication pending).

  • “Los Primeros 1.000 Días - Esteban Carmuega - TEDxRosario.” YouTube, TEDx, 18 Jan. 2016, by Ana Diaz Barriga. [Spanish transcription].

  • “An Insight from DeafSpace | Robert Sirvage | TEDxGallaudet.” YouTube, TEDx, Translator: Ana Diaz Barriga.​ [Spanish subtitles].

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

I am currently editing my first novel. In the meantime, feel free to see other samples of my creative writing by clicking below: 

  • Polaroid.

  • Tidal.

  • I Run Beside All The Horses (play inspired in Leonora Carrington, written for the 365 Women a Year project. More information is available here.) 

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